Our Coronavirus Killing Cleaning Products

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Our Cleaning Products Are Proven to Kill Coronavirus

Our Jangro cleaning chemicals are proven to kill Coronavirus. So we have the tools to keep our commercial cleaning customers’ businesses open and safe. Safety is the top concern for employers as the economy prepares to reopen. We’ve got you covered with these covid killing products.

Commercial cleaning has never been so important in the workplace. Now more than ever staff and customers want to know that cleaning is taking place. Cleaning with these coronavirus killing products gives that confidence. Claire Sharpe Director of ProAct Cleaning said:

“The confirmation that Jangro cleaning concentrates kill coronavirus helps us keep customers’ sites open safely. Our teams have worked to keep surfaces clean throughout the pandemic. Knowing our cleaning products kill coronavirus gives the extra reassurance we’re all looking for as the workplace reopens.” 

What Does This Mean For Me?

This means our customers have the tools to deliver their covid security strategies. Using high specification cleaning products to fight coronavirus. Why is this important? Because regular commercial cleaning (without these products) removes dirt but does not kill coronavirus. We use these Jangro products across all our office cleaning sites. So surfaces are being cleaned with covid killing product at every clean. These products are used for washroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning and general surface cleaning.  Find out more about our coronavirus cleaning practices.

Environmental Benefits of Coronavirus Killing Products

These products also continue to have environmental benefits. As the products are concentrated solutions less packaging is used. Products are diluted to industry recommended concentrations in a trigger bottle. Each one litre bottle of concentrate makes up to 100 trigger bottles or 100 buckets of cleaning product! So every bottle of concentrate requires one trigger spray bottle, saving 99 trigger spray bottles! It also means less diluted product is shipping to our commercial cleaning customers’ sites. Thus reducing emissions too.  This is good for the environment and means cleaning cupboards don’t need to hold as many commercial cleaning products. Therefore saving you space in the office! Its a win win!

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