Saving Money With Your Commercial Cleaning Contract

Saving Money With Your Commercial Cleaning Contract

A Professional Commercial Cleaning Contract Saves You Time And Money- Here’s Why:


A commercial cleaning contract will save you money. Lets look at why you need a commercial cleaning contract now:

  1. Regular Cleaning Makes Surfaces Last Longer. From carpets to kitchen worktops and toilets- the more often you deep clean them the better they look. And the longer they’ll last. Thus saving money on expensive replacements. Carpets benefit from being cleaned every six months, removing dirt and germs from your floors. Making your workspace cleaner and healthier, as germs can be kicked up when carpets get walked on spreading colds and nasty bacteria. Toilets build up limescale and benefit from a regular deep clean too. So you could eat from the bathroom floor, but we wouldn’t advise it!
  2. Upholstery lasts longer when its looked after and looks more inviting to sit on. So customers and visitors know you take your business and them seriously.
  3. Staff know you’re taking care of their environment and that you respect them when their work space is clean. So they’ll stay around longer. Hopefully saving you money on recruitment and training of new staff. Avoid the brain drain and invest in your cleaning so staff feel cared for.
  4. Dirt brings in dirt. If your pathways are dirty you’ll walk dirt into your reception area. This could make floors or carpets dirty. Regular jet washing helps stop this so you don’t need an extra clean, and it keeps the outside of your building looking clean and professional.
  5. The cleaner something is, the harder your teams will work to keep them clean. We can all get site blind. If something gets too messy (like a stained carpet) a few more spots of coffee or printer ink won’t be noticed. But when you’re looking after surfaces other people want to respect them too.
  6. As we live through the pandemic we know that regular cleaning helps reduce the virus and germ count in your business. This helps limit the impact of a covid outbreak at your company, helping staff stay healthy and your business stay open. If you do have an outbreak our specialist teams can fog your office quickly and safely so you can get back to work the same day.

Keeping Surfaces Sparkling With Commercial Cleaning


At ProAct Cleaning we use the best, most environmentally friendly cleaning products. These are effective at killing unwanted viruses and bacteria like covid. We have an excellent relationship with our CHSA certified suppliers and can provide a huge variety of cleaning products and supplies for your company. Whatever surfaces you have, we have a product that can keep it clean for you. And there’s more than just industry grade surface cleaners. There’s a fantastic range of hand washes, sanitisers, air fresheners, loo rolls and more. So you’ll never be caught short again.

Lets Start Your Commercial Cleaning Journey Today


Call 01908 030031 us now to speak to our friendly team about your commercial cleaning. Or get in touch online here. We cover Milton Keynes, Luton, Watford, Uxbridge, Hemel Hempstead, Harrow and the surrounding areas.

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