Commercial Jet Washing

Commercial Jet Washing

Commercial Jet Washing This Spring


Commercial jet washing is essential to keep the outside of your building looking as good as the inside. Why does this matter? Because grime, pollution, graffiti, moss and algae all build up over time to discolour your building exterior. This makes it look tired, uncared for and frankly, unprofessional. But, never fear- we have the solution! Our highly trained commercial jet washing teams are ready to clean the outside of your building now. With all the access equipment, knowledge and safety training to get your building sparkling.

The Benefits Of Jet Washing


Our jet washing service refreshes the exterior of your building. It looks like new and is dirt free. This means your more likely to entice customers and staff into your building. And you’re less likely to suffer from damp and mould problems caused by the build up of moss, algae and lichen growing on the outside of your building.

How Its Done- The Cleaning Process


Our team will talk through your building exterior with you and if needed will visit your site to check it out for themselves. We’ll arrange a time and date that is convenient for you and your business and will organise access equipment and our teams. On the day our teams will create a safety area around the cleaning sites to protect your staff and the public and then they’ll get to work. No mess, no fuss, everything cleaned away at the end of the job.

Get In Touch About Your Jet Washing Today 


Call us on 01908 030031 to speak to our friendly cleaning teams about your cleaning needs. Or get in touch online here. We cover Milton Keynes, Luton, Watford, Uxbridge, Hemel Hempstead, Harrow and the surrounding areas. There’s nothing we haven’t cleaned before so get in touch today!

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