Honouring the Dedication of Our Cleaning Operatives: A Testament to Excellence

Honouring the Dedication of Our Cleaning Operatives

In Gratitude for Our Cleaning Operatives

A thriving business relies on a workplace that is not only efficient but also impeccably clean and hygienic. At the core of every spotless and secure workspace is a team of exceptional Cleaning Operatives.

While Thanksgiving is a tradition predominantly observed across the ocean, here at ProAct Cleaning, we seize this moment to express our gratitude to the very heart of our company — the Cleaning Operatives.

With the winter chill settling in and the emergence of new bugs & illnesses, we recognise the paramount importance of maintaining cleanliness in the business environment. The unsung heroes ensuring offices and warehouses function optimally are our Cleaning Operatives. At ProAct Cleaning, we take immense pride in the excellence of our Cleaning Operatives, who tirelessly work to create a clean, safe, and hygienic workplace for your business to thrive. Over the past few years, the work landscape has faced unprecedented challenges, persisting even today as it continues to evolve. Our cleaners have shown remarkable adaptability, diligence, and proactivity in navigating the hurdles posed by unforeseen workplace regulations and changes. Despite the lingering effects of lockdowns and closures, our teams persist in delivering a first-rate service for our customers — because that’s the ProAct way.

Acknowledging the Distinct Challenges Faced by Our Cleaners

We understand the unique and often demanding challenges that our cleaners encounter in fulfilling their essential duties. Witnessing firsthand the hard work and pride our teams take in being part of the ProAct Family and your workplace community, we are committed to fairly rewarding and recognising their value in this demanding sector.

Rewarding the Dedication of Our Cleaning Operatives

To recognise and reward the hard work of our Cleaning Operatives, we have integrated several initiatives and guidelines into our company ethos.

Firstly, all new cleaning contracts are structured to propose that our staff receive the Real Living Wage, ensuring fair compensation for their efforts. Additionally, we are actively working towards becoming an officially Recognised Service Provider for the Living Wage Foundation.

Our monthly rewards and recognition program is designed to celebrate the exceptional efforts of our teams. Each month, staff members are nominated and rewarded for their outstanding contributions. We prioritise customer feedback, regularly receiving heartwarming emails about our cleaners, which we consider when determining rewards and recognition.

Furthermore, all current staff members are given the first opportunity to explore new job opportunities within ProAct, reinforcing our commitment to nurturing and promoting talent within our company.

Supporting the charitable causes that matter to our staff is a key aspect of our commitment at ProAct Cleaning. We engage with our staff when reviewing our portfolio of charitable commitments to align our efforts with causes that hold significance for them.

Why Choose ProAct for Your Workplace Cleaning

As a professional, family-run business, we place great importance on understanding and addressing the needs of our commercial cleaning customers. What matters to you matters to us. Our teams go above and beyond to surpass customer expectations, and we believe in recognising and rewarding our Cleaning Operatives appropriately. Their unwavering dedication to our Commitment to Excellence is what makes us the ideal choice for your cleaning requirements.

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