Office Cleaning And Coronavirus

Office Cleaning And Coronavirus

Office Cleaning During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Staff are returning to the office as the coronavirus pandemic continues making office cleaning more important than ever. Here are our top tips for keeping your team safe at work.

Our Top Tips For Office Cleaning During The Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Review your office cleaning contract. Did you cut back on cleaning hours whilst staff were out of the office? Have you increased them since staff have been back? If you’re asking for more cleaning with less cleaning hours than you had pre pandemic its time to reassess what you need to keep your office clean and safe now staff are back.
  • Manage expectations & adapt your contract where necessary. If your cleaning teams are now spending more time sanitising key areas and touchpoints in the office they won’t have as much time for daily cleaning. Manage this by talking about your cleaning priorities and if needed increasing your cleaning hours to cover sanitising and cleaning. You can adapt your cleaning rota to ensure the areas that matter to you stay clean.
  • Plan in advance. If you’ve got a big event or meeting taking place include the cleaning when making your event plans. Will a meeting room need sanitising before and after use? Will you need additional hours for a post event clean down?
  • Continue practices to reduce transmission. Clear desk policies, one way systems, keeping windows open and installing sanitising stations can all help reduce the spread of viruses.
  • Check the cleaning products your cleaning team is using. Do they kill coronavirus? All our multipurpose cleaning products do and yours should too.
  • Get your back up plan in place. If you have a coronavirus breakout do you have an emergency plan? Keep our fogging services in mind and our enhanced sanitising and wiping down service.
  • Call us for a no obligation quote for your office today. Cleaning is more essential than ever and we’re here to help. Call us on 01908 030031 or email us here.

How Do I Talk To You About My Office Cleaning

Call us today on 01908 030031 for a no obligation chat about your office cleaning. As a family business we’re always here for a friendly chat. We cover Milton Keynes, Luton, Hemel Hempstead or Watford. And the surrounding areas. And we’re ready to get started! Get in touch today or email us to get your job booked in.

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