Summer Cleaning News

Summer Cleaning News

From environmentally friendly cleaning products to fresh smelling urinals we’ve got you covered this summer! 

As your company works to reduce its environmental impact, we’re here to help by taking environmentally harmful chemicals out of your cleaning products wherever possible.

Over the past year we’ve trialled Jangro’s Enviro Chemical Range with our customers. We’re pleased to report that the products work really well and help our cleaning operatives maintain their high cleaning standards. The Enviro range cleans just as well as cleaning products made with traditionally environmentally harmful substances. Also, these products meet the European Unions regulations on preserving the environment. After all, if there’s a simple change that can improve your environmental footprint what’s not to like?!


With summer approaching we’re recommending a summer freshen up inside and out, so you’re ready to rock as the temperatures rise. Our teams are ready for jet washing, external cleaning and anything else you might need. We’ve also been introducing our customers to p-wave mats. Why? Because these scented urinal mats help keep washrooms stay fresh all year round, something that’s really important in the summer months. Fragrances include ocean mist, spiced apple, citrus and mango.

Call us on 01908 030031 if you’d like to talk about refreshing your office this summer.

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