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It’s Safety First With Our Commercial Cleaning Products

Does your commercial cleaning team use safe cleaning products? When the pandemic first hit we were all keen to get hold of commercial cleaning products that could safely kill coronavirus. With shortages of PPE and professional office cleaning products it was tricky. And this was made harder with the massive uptake in demand. So some companies were pushed to look for alternative cleaning product suppliers. Unfortunately, there was an uptake in rogue traders selling sub standard and potentially dangerous cleaning products. And some of these are still in circulation today.

The Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) advised ‘buyers beware’ at the recent Cleaning Show in London. Describing the perfect storm of supply shortages, sky high demand, changes to the law with Brexit and checks and balances being missed due to the stay at home order. There was the perfect opportunity for rogue traders to operate without being monitored. New companies offering supplies appeared over night. And some of these companies are still sharing unsafe cleaning products today.

What’s The Problem With Getting Cheaper Cleaning Products?

Unsafe, unregulated cleaning products can be dangerous. Why? Because we don’t always know what chemicals they have been made with. Or whether they are approved for use in the UK. They could burn or irritate skin if touched and could be dangerous to breath in. They might also not do what they claim to do. Because cleaning products go through rigorous testing to make sure they are safe and kill the bacteria and germs they claim to clean. Otherwise you’re basically spreading germs around your building rather than killing them. And this leads to outbreaks of illness. Thus making your business vulnerable to unplanned shut downs.

How Can You Get Safe Commercial Cleaning Products?

All of the commercial cleaning supplies we provide come from our trusted suppliers Avica UK, who are members of the CHSA. We have worked with them for over a decade and trust in their supply chain and products. If we’re not sure about how a product works or if a customer wants to know more they always share information with us. This gives us the confidence to pass on quality product information to our customers.

Things To Remember:

  • Be cautious- if something sounds too good to be true, or too cheap to be safe it probably is.
  • Check the alcohol content of your hand sanitisers. They need to be 70% alcohol to kill coronavirus.
  • Ask for data sheets to show how your product works. They also show what germs your products kill and how long they work for. All suppliers have these and should share them with you openly.
  • Cleaning chemicals can be strong, handle with caution.

We’re Always Here To Help Make Your Commercial Cleaning Safe

Call us on 01908 030031 to speak to our friendly cleaning teams about your companies commercial cleaning. Or get in touch online here. We cover Milton Keynes, Luton, Watford, Uxbridge, Hemel Hempstead and Harrow.

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