Why Washrooms Matter This World Toilet Day

Why Washrooms Matter This World Toilet Day

Talking About The Importance Of Washroom Cleaning This World Toilet Day

We’re busy cleaning washrooms every day, its what we do to provide excellent hygiene services to our commercial cleaning customers. But this week is World Toilet Day, and we want to recognise how many people don’t have access to a proper toilet. What is World Toilet Day? It’s a day organised by the United Nations, raising awareness of the 3.6 billion people in the world who don’t have access to a toilet. At all. This makes life really difficult and can have dangerous impacts on life expectancy, job prospects and general health.

World Toilet Day Facts

When it comes to washroom cleaning we know all there is to know. But for World Toilet Day Facts we’ve got our info from the UN:

  • Poor sanitation means drinking water supplies from rivers and lakes get dirty, making it dangerous to drink and use the water for crops.
  • Over 700 children under 5 die from diarrhoea every day because of dirty water.
  •  Having toilets at school mean girls can go to school during their periods. They don’t have to stay at home and miss lessons.
  • Around the world over 2 billion people use drinking water contaminated with poo.
  • Almost 500 million people poo outside.
  • 1 in 3 people in the world don’t have anywhere to wash their hands at home. That’s 2.3 billion people.

Why Should I Thank My Clean Washroom Toilets?

Good question. For us toilets and washrooms at work are readily available and clean- for our customers anyway! But for so many people there are no toilets. Toilets and work washrooms give us the opportunity to go to work, go to school and stay safe when we do need the toilet. And our drinking water isn’t contaminated. Because our toilets take all our waste away. In summary, they do a lot.

We like to think that clean washrooms give staff the space to collect their thoughts between meetings, safely and hygienically. Our commercial cleaning packages are designed to keep your offices, washrooms and kitchens clean all year round.

Why Washroom Cleaning Matters

Regular washroom cleaning keeps your workplace clean and safe from the build up of bacteria and germs. As we head into winter keeping on top of washroom cleaning is essential to keeping your teams healthy. Your washrooms should be the cleanest place in your office due to the strong chemicals used to keep toilets, sinks, floors and surfaces clean.

Can You Help Me Keep My Washroom Clean?

Yes! Of course. Contact us on 01908 030031 for a no obligation chat about your commercial cleaning. We cover Milton Keynes, Luton, Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Uxbridge and Harrow and the surrounding areas. And we’re ready to get started! Get in touch today or email us to find out more about how we can help you.

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