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Vaccine News and Commercial Cleaning

Today Margaret Keenan becomes the first patient in the world to receive the first Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. This is a fantastic step towards combatting Coronavirus. So what will change in the commercial cleaning arena? Nothing. Detailed, regular cleaning remains essential to help in the fight to prevent the spread of viruses this winter and beyond. The vaccine is designed to stop people developing Covid if Coronavirus cells enter their bodies. However, it may not stop the virus from reproducing in their throat and nasal cavity. This means that they can potentially still be carrying and spreading the infection to others around them, even though they shouldn’t become sick themselves.

This makes cleaning more important than ever. Especially as people naturally relax slightly with the promise of a vaccine for all in the foreseeable future. So how do we move forward keeping your premises clean and open for business? We keep strict cleaning schedules, including cleaning and disinfecting as normal and additional sanitising of high use areas. Find out more about this process here. Continued high levels of cleaning maintain safety on site for staff and visitors, reducing the chance of viruses and germs spreading. Therefore reducing the likelihood of site closures for decontamination cleans or requiring staff to isolate.

If you’re looking for help and advice keeping your work environment safe and clean call us on 01908 030031. We’re happy to talk through cleaning strategies and share best practice.

Staying Safe at work even after you’ve had your vaccine

We’ve updated our cleaning procedures to keep our cleaning operatives safe and to further reduce the spread of germs. Regular cleaning removes germs and dirt and our additional sanitising sprays kill any germs left behind. Increased glove changes and cloth changes and PPE are all making a difference too.

If you’d like our fantastic cleaning teams to help your business stay clean and safe call us today on 01908 030031 or click here to arrange your no obligation site survey so we can get our commercial cleaning operatives started.

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