Is your washroom clean enough to eat from? This and other questions answered!

Washroom Deep Cleaning

We all use them daily but might not think much about them. Washrooms are at the heart of a clean business because its where staff clean their hands and one of the easiest places to spread germs if they’re not kept clean. With the pandemic, clean hands have never been so important. And to get your hands clean you need clean sinks, taps, soap and sanitiser when you get back to your desk! However, and somewhat surprisingly, toilets are cleaner than your average office desk. Probably because they’re cleaned regularly and with strong chemicals. A US study showed that office desks host 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet! Obvious culprits for harbouring bacteria include your desk telephone and your keyboard. But most of us would much rather eat at our desks than in the loo!

So what can we do to keep our desks and personal spaces at work clean, especially during the pandemic? Our Director Claire Sharpe recommends sanitising desks and equipment at the start and end of your shift and sanitising your hands when you return to your desk from the toilet or kitchen, “It’s not just about cleanliness, its also about peace of mind which is very important at the moment.” And the cleaner your workspace the less likely your staff are to spread germs and viruses around your business.

Our cleaning teams work hard to keep washrooms clean as they’re the first line of defence in keeping your staff safe. We recommend cleaning high contact areas as often as possible too. These include washroom and kitchen sinks and taps, door handles and door push plates, desks and kitchen surfaces. We’ve got specialist sanitising products that provide a layer of residual cleaner that kills viruses between cleans. But regular cleaning is the best defence at keeping viruses and germs at bay in the loo, on your desk and beyond!

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Staying Safe at work

We’ve updated our cleaning procedures to keep our cleaning operatives safe and to further reduce the spread of germs. Regular cleaning removes germs and dirt and our additional sanitising sprays kill any germs left behind. Increased glove changes and cloth changes and PPE are all making a difference too.

If you’d like our fantastic cleaning teams to help your business stay clean and safe call us today on 01908 030031 or click here to arrange your no obligation site survey so we can get our cleaning operatives started.

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