Thank your cleaner day

Thank Your Cleaner Day

The 21st October 2020 is International Thank Your Cleaner Day and this year we’re thanking our amazing cleaning operatives for their work in these unusual times.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made the world more aware than ever before of the vital work our cleaning operatives do, cleaning and sanitising work spaces, making them safe for businesses to open and keep running smoothly. Research has shown that staff are feeling anxious about returning to work and keeping clean whilst at work. Our cleaning operatives are working hard to make sure that our clients’ offices are as clean and germ free as possible. We’ve introduced new sanitising regimes for high contact areas like desks, door handles, taps and bathrooms to keep spaces as germ free as possible to reduce the spread of viruses. Our staff are at the front line, protecting businesses by keeping them cleaner than ever and we think they’re fantastic!

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Staying Safe at work

We’ve updated our cleaning procedures to keep our cleaning operatives safe and to further reduce the spread of germs. Regular cleaning removes germs and dirt and our additional sanitising sprays kill any germs left behind. Increased glove changes and cloth changes and PPE are all making a difference too.

If you’d like our fantastic cleaning teams to help your business stay clean and safe call us today on 01908 030031 or click here to arrange your no obligation site survey so we can get our cleaning operatives started.

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