Commercial Cleaning And The Environment

Commercial Cleaning and the Environment

With this past week being host to both World Environment Day and World Oceans Day, we’re talking about commercial cleaning and the environment. Specifically the environmentally beneficial cleaning products we use.  At ProAct Cleaning, we have made choices about the products we use to minimise our environmental impact as much as possible. How do we do it? We use concentrated cleaning products. So for every bottle of concentrated cleaner we use, we save 99 bottles of premixed product from landfill. Instead we use one trigger spray bottle. The concentrated cleaning solution is diluted with water into the trigger spray bottle and this spray bottle can be used until it breaks. Which takes a long time. Making your office cleaning even more environmentally friendly.

How Our Office Cleaning Products Are Environmentally Friendly

Sometimes reducing environmental impact is about numbers. Our office cleaning customers use three cleaning products across the board. General cleaner, washroom cleaner and kitchen cleaner. For every three bottles of concentrate we are saving 297 bottles from landfill. So there’s nearly 300 times less packaging to dispose of too. But it’s not just the concentrated solutions helping reduce our waste whilst office cleaning. Every bottle saved means less travel to distribute chemicals to customers sites. This helps reduce emissions too. Of course every customer is individual so have their specialist products in place too depending on their office environment. We work very closely with our suppliers to stay abreast of developments in the every expanding world of environmentally friendly products. Our personalised cleaning contracts ensure all customers cleaning meets the individual needs of their business.

Can We Talk About Making My Office Cleaning Environmentally Friendly?

Of course! Contact us on 01908 030031 to find out how we can make your office cleaning environmentally friendly. If you’re based in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Luton, Hemel Hempstead or Watford or the surrounding areas we can clean your office. And we’re ready for a contact free or virtual no obligation office cleaning quotation. Get in touch today or email us.

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