Refillable Cleaning Products on World Refill Day

World Refill Day and Refillable Cleaning Products

As your company works to reduce its own environmental impact, we’re here to help. With today being World Refill Day we thought we would look at how we make use of refillables to help reduce plastic use.

World Refill Day is an initiative aiming to greatly reduce the negative impact plastics have on our environment. By refilling water bottles and using reusable cleaning tools small changes make a big difference.

At ProAct we take pride in our environmental responsibilities. We always review our working practices to keep informed on emerging industry technologies, methods and products. We have made conscious choices to use items that provide effectiveness and value for money and are environmentally friendly. Our commitment to practises that are better for the planet is something we take seriously.

With this in mind we use concentrated cleaning products. Using these concentrates means we employ the use of just one refillable trigger spray bottle. The product is diluted with water which saves 99 bottles of premixed product. That’s 99 plastic bottles saved by using just one. This saving vastly reduces the need for single use plastics which can only be good for environment. We are also regularly in contact with our suppliers to keep abreast of all new developments in the world of cleaning products.

With summer now in full swing we’re recommending a summer freshen up inside and out, so your work place remains fresh as temperatures rise. Our teams are ready for jet washing, external cleaning and anything else you might need. We are here to keep your workspace fresh all year round, something that’s especially important in the summer months.

Call us on 01908 030031 if you’d like to talk about us refreshing your office this summer with environmentally friendly refillable cleaning products.

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