Our New Commercial Cleaning Company MD

Claire Sharpe

We Speak To Our New Commercial Cleaning Company Managing Director Claire

Claire Sharpe is the new MD of our commercial cleaning company ProAct Cleaning, taking over from Steve who has stepped down from the day to day running of the business this July. We’re a third generation commercial cleaning company and the business continues to develop as the family works together to help customers keep their businesses sparkling clean. We spoke with our new MD Claire to take her views on the commercial cleaning business, its future and what’s going on in the commercial cleaning world.

As The New MD What Are Your Plans For The Commercial Cleaning Business?

We’ve been working hard to digitise our systems and ways of working to improve customer experience, as well as reducing our environmental impact. From moving online for paperless staff training with Citation, to exclusively using concentrated cleaning products across our sites, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our waste. We encourage transport sharing amongst staff where safe and employ local staff to reduce travel. For a long time now we’ve also used reusable cloths and mops to reduce waste. We will keep working together to improve how we work and reduce our environmental impact further. We’re also working with customers to ensure their commercial cleaning packages are as flexible as possible as the world of work continues to change as a result of the pandemic.

What Are The Current Challenges For The Commercial Cleaning Industry?

2020 was one of the hardest times the commercial cleaning industry has faced since I joined the business over 11 years ago. The pandemic has flipped people’s perception about the work environment and with more staff working from home, companies are rethinking their business models. That said, commercial cleaning has never been more important as workplaces and society reopens. Companies want their staff to know they have a safe, clean work environment, where every precaution is being taken to protect them when they come to work.

What’s The Most Common Request From Customers At The Moment?

Specialist covid fogging services have been a top request recently as offices fully reopen, helping customers get back into the office quickly and safely by decontaminating the air and surfaces after a covid outbreak. Knowing the office is safe to come into is important for staff as they return to the office after a long 18 months. Everything is different in the workplace now and keeping staff happy is very important to overall wellbeing. Research shows that people feel more comfortable when they can see cleaning taking place and we’re happy to provide that confidence.

What Would You Say To Anyone Looking To Change Their Commercial Cleaning Company?

If you aren’t already one of our customers? I’d say do it! Call us! It can be a scary thought to change everything about your cleaning schedule but with us there’s nothing to worry about. That’s what we’re here for- to do all the heavy lifting. From training your existing cleaning teams to introducing new cleaning schedules, products and machinery that meet your business needs we’re here for you. No job is too hard, we’ve usually seen something similar before and we’re ready to go. With over 40 years experience we’ve got you covered. And we’re covered with £10M public liability insurance to give extra confidence. Our 60 day cancellation policy is always there too, we’re not here to tie customers down and find that once businesses make the change they like having us around!

What Are You Most Proud Of Professionally?

I am very proud of the relationships I’ve built with my staff network. We have 135 staff working across a number of sites and without them we wouldn’t have a business. They’re at the heart of our commercial cleaning business and they’ve worked so hard throughout the pandemic, keeping customers safe and their businesses clean. Their hard work helps us deliver excellent customer service and there’s nothing better than a happy customer!

Tell Us Something About You?

I love a good spreadsheet!

What’s Your Favourite Cleaning Product?

My favourite cleaning product is our multipurpose spray that we use at all our sites. Yes that sounds boring but:

  1. The spray cleans all hard surfaces and equipment
  2. It sanitises and kills coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria
  3. This product is a concentrate. So for every 1 bottle of product we save 99 bottles of diluted product. The cleaning operative dilutes the concentrate with water in a reusable spray bottle, reducing our waste and emissions from product delivery. Win win!

What’s The Strangest Product You’ve Come Across?

Pee wave mats. They’re used in men’s urinals to stop smells lingering. They’re very effective, with a nice range of fragrances but an unusual find in the men’s washrooms! Of course the men’s washrooms we clean always smell fresh but cinnamon and spiced apple aren’t what you’d usually associate with the men’s toilets!

So You Work With Your Family. What’s That Like?

Its good! The wins are amazing and the lows can be hard but we’re always here for each other. We’re more direct with one another than a ‘normal’ office but we get things done quickly and trust one another completely.

How Did You Get Into The Commercial Cleaning Industry?

My dad was advertising for a Customer Manager back in 2009. I had worked in customer service and was looking to make a move. This was an excellent opportunity. Before this I worked on the railways for Silverlink and then London Overground in various jobs including as a PA, working in the Control and Performance Department as the Assistant Manager and latterly with the customer service team as Maternity Cover for one of the Managers. It was a big career change but the prospect of working with my family was great and the opportunity of taking over the business one day was a big incentive.

Can I Talk To You About My Commercial Cleaning?

Yes, please do. Call us on 01908 030031 for a no obligation chat about your holiday office cleaning. You’ll get me or one of my family members on the phone for a friendly no obligation chat about your business needs. We cover Milton Keynes, Luton, Hemel Hempstead or Watford. And the surrounding areas. And we’re ready to get started! We can visit your site in person or give you a virtual quote, all we need from you is the dimensions of your space. Get in touch today or email us.

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