Washroom Cleaning Why It Matters

Why Washrooms Matter This World Toilet Day

Washroom Cleaning Matters

Washroom cleaning might seem boring on the outside. Especially as depending on your type of business, only you and your staff might be using the facilities. But its these people who matter more than anyone else. As the toilets and washrooms can be home for some nasty germs, viruses and bacteria. Which isn’t something you’ll want to be spreading round as your teams return to the office. Staff also feel more respected and safe in a clean workspace, and can focus on what they do best- keeping your business running. Rather than worrying about what they might pick up in the toilets.

Washroom Cleaning Options

Every business is different and so are your washrooms. From the smallest to the largest loos we’ve got you covered. We have access to a wide variety of commercial cleaning products to suit every surface, as bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. And our core cleaning products kill coronavirus. We can clean your washroom during the work day if you need it cleaned frequently during office hours. This ensures its fresh throughout the day. Or in the evening once everyone has left the office for the day so washrooms are clean for the start of the day. We can include this in your commercial cleaning package so your whole business is spotless all year round.

Washroom Products

As well as cleaning washrooms we also have a wide variety of products we can provide to make the most of your washroom environment. From scented, unscented, foaming and covid killing hand washes to bathroom fragrances. We even have scented urinal mats that release natural fragrances into your washrooms. And of course we offer feminine hygiene bins too.

The Science Behind Washroom Cleaning

Washrooms if cleaned regularly are often the cleanest place in the office. That’s because of the strong chemicals used to keep them clean like bleach and sanitising sprays. Of course if you don’t clean your washrooms regularly they can become the perfect home for bugs and bacteria. What about washrooms and covid? Research has found that if someone has coronavirus, covid particles can spread through the air after they flush the toilet. So regular cleaning is essential to keeping your staff and any visitors safe. This could be part of your wider commercial cleaning contract with us. We have a 60 day cancellation period so you never feel tied down.

Deep Washroom Cleans

We provide washroom deep cleans across Milton Keynes, Northampton, Watford, Luton and Hemel Hempstead. Our offices are in Broughton in our home town of Milton Keynes, a city were proud to be an active part of. Washroom deep cleans get to the ingrained stains and corners that you can’t reach on a daily washroom clean. Our fully trained operatives use specialist chemicals to keep your washrooms spotless. 

How Do I Talk To You About My Washroom Cleaning?

Call us today on 01908 030031 for a no obligation chat about your washroom cleaning. As a family business we’re always here for a friendly chat. We cover Milton Keynes, Luton, Hemel Hempstead or Watford. And the surrounding areas. And we’re ready to get started! Get in touch today or email us to get your job booked in.

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