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Jet Washing To Keep Your Business Clean & Safe

Lets talk about jet washing. No it’s not the most exciting type of commercial cleaning. But it can make all the difference to first impressions and safety. With Autumn approaching, algae and moss covered paving slabs become slip hazards when it rains if they’re not cleaned properly. As a result this could put your business at risk legally if someone gets hurt. And the outside of your building will look dirty. Which is why its so important to have them cleaned as part of your overall commercial cleaning package.

Why do slabs and floors get dirty? Because we all walk dirt around on our shoes. This plus exposure to the elements and bird droppings, as well as algae and moss build up makes pavements and outside spaces dirty. And what’s worse is this dirt gets walked into your buildings! Leading to extra carpet cleaning and floor scrubbing!

What Does Jet Washing Do?

Jet washing cleans hard surfaces. Call us on 01908 030031 if you’re not sure about your surfaces. The process clears moss from the gaps between carpark stones and pavement slabs. It removes surface dirt and any algae build up on floors, walls, pathways, car parks, bin stores and any other building or object that needs a strong clean. Its a general all over clean for your outdoor spaces. Above all, it neatens up the space outside your business.

How Do You Carry Out Jet Washing?

First we clear any leaves or debris that could get washed down the drain to avoid blockages.

Second we cordon off the area being cleaned. We follow all health and safety requirements to keep pedestrians safe as we clean. If its better for us to clean out of working hours to avoid disruption that can be arranged.

Third, we jet wash. How long it takes varies depending on the size of the area being cleaned.

Fourth we can replace any sand that has been displaced between pavement slabs during the cleaning process.

So Do I Need Jet Washing?

Because we believe a clean company building is part of the overall look and feel of a business, we’ll always recommend jet washing to finish off the outside of your building. For instance, if you drive up to a clearly marked car parking space and a bright pavement how would you feel about the company inside? As always cleaning preferences are a personal matter but we believe the cleaner your building the better for business. In conclusion, yes you need jet washing.

Can I Talk To You About My Jet Washing?

Please do! Call us on 01908 030031 for a no obligation chat about your commercial jet washing needs. As a family business we’re always here for a friendly chat. We cover Northampton, Milton Keynes, Luton, Hemel Hempstead or Watford. And the surrounding areas. And we’re ready to get started! Get in touch today or email us.

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