Hoover or Vacuum- explained

Hoover or Vacuum-Explained

We’re regularly asked about hoovers and vacuum cleaners. People want to know what its proper name is. So here’s a bit of vacuum cleaner and Hoover history!

Vacuum cleaners or hoovers have been in use for over 100 years, but we’re often asked what the correct name for this vital piece of cleaning equipment is!

So what’s the difference?

A vacuum cleaner is called a vacuum cleaner because of the vacuum mechanism inside it. This changes the air pressure in your carpet or floor, which draws in the dust and dirt. And this makes your floors and carpets cleaner and more hygienic. A Hoover is a type of vacuum cleaner, produced by the Hoover family and company in 1908. This company still exists today and has expanded into laundry and kitchen equipment too!

The confusion comes as many of us refer to cleaning our carpets and floors as ‘hoovering’. But this doesn’t mean that you’re using a Hoover! You could have another type of vacuum cleaner- a Dyson or Henry perhaps or even a Gtech! All that matters is that you’re machine is picking up dust and debris and removing it from your office environment.

Our top tips for hoovering are:

  • Make it one of the last cleaning tasks you do (unless you’re mopping afterwards). Dust, tidy, wash and move anything out of the way to get to those hard to reach spaces first.
  • Empty any hand held hoovers before you start cleaning again. This ensures you get the most suction from your machine and the best clean possible.
  • Regularly replace hoover bags in bagged hoovers to help with suction and smells.
  • Use smaller attachments for hard to reach areas and to get a quality clean of upholstery, curtains and corners.

If you don’t want to be hoovering though, call us today on 01908 030031 or click here to arrange your no obligation site survey so we can get our cleaning operatives into your site, cleaning for you!

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