Staff sickness and office cleaning


Catch it, Bin it, Kill it-  clean office environments could reduce your staff sickness this winter

Staff sickness costs UK Businesses approximately £100 billion annually in lost man hours. Its vital that your office environment is healthy to avoid unnecessary staff time off. In 2018 the Office for National Statistics said employees took an average 4.4 days of sick leave, (almost a week) totalling over 141.5 million days off sick across the UK.  Regular cleaning and improving of office environments are known to increase staff productivity and health. And we’re here to help you however you need us!

We can help your business prevent unnecessary staff sickness:

  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products that kill off sickness bugs.
  • Emptying bins every time your office is cleaned as viruses live on tissues for several hours.
  • Regular dusting and hoovering removes dust particles with the potential to carry sickness bugs.
  • Our cleaning operatives clean down heavy traffic areas like kitchens and washrooms. After that they refill soap dispensers and hand sanitisers ensuring staff have a safe space for cleaning off any germs.

You can help your business reduce staff sickness:

  • Work on your office environment and replace any broken equipment and lighting to improve staff morale.
  • Introduce office plants to create a natural setting.
  • Keep bins within easy reach of staff to help bin dirty tissues

Above all, healthy office environments create happy businesses and we’re here to meet your commercial cleaning needs all year round.

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